Project Snapshots

    SMART - System for Material Acquisition, Reterival and Transaction
A database driven web application for Project Management. SMART is a modular project which deals with Item Code Definition & Generation, Project Management, Budget Management, Requirement Management and Procurement Management. Item Code Definition & Generation module of SMART is integrated with Material Management Module of SAP for Item Code Definition, Transfer and Extension.

  FS - Filing System
A Database Driven 3-tier Desktop Application to keep track daily office incoming and outgoing Mails and Letters. All the Letters are kept in Files. The Letters can be linked with each others. In case of linking the letters the Child Letter physically moves from its Current File to the File of its Parent Letter. A File is stored in one of the Indexed Shelve of Indexed Cabinet. The Cabinet is fixed in a Particular Room of a Building. The main feature of the system is to quickly locate a particular Letter in case of need using details about letters, files, cabinets, rooms and building.
    Hospital Pathology Lab Integration Project
Hospital Pathology Lab Integration Project is a module of Hospital ERP. Integration of Hospital�s Pathology Lab Equipments and Machines. The System receives the results from serial port of different Hospital Lab Equipments and Machines. The received data is parsed and the parsed data is saved in the Database running on the backend.
    AS - Smartcard Based Attendance System
A database driven desktop application to keep track of file moved in the organization for approval from different individuals in organizational hierarchy both vertical and horizontal.
    GPS Clock
Real time digital clock and temperature display unit. Digital clock is synchronized with PST using GPS module. Clock has the privilege for both time settings used in Pakistan i.e. GMT+5 and GMT+6.
    FTMS - File Tracking and Monitoring System
A database driven desktop application to keep track of file moved in the organization for approval from different individuals in organizational hierarchy both vertical and horizontal.
Desktop Application for efficient and effective way to keep records of personal contents (personal information, contacts, emails, articles, logs, history etc), time scheduling, alarms and reminders.

    GDESPlus - Gainful Deployment of the Equipment Plus
Module of an ERP which deals with the Reservation, Acquisition, Mobility, Deployment, Dispatch and Demobilization of Industrial Equipment on/from different Projects. Module also keeps track of the Rental Equipment�s Work Order Details and Expiration. System helps the client to enter Daily Utilization of both Internal and Rental Equipment on Projects along with POL entries. Using Daily Utilization, system prompts for Due Maintenance and Overhauling for Internal Equipments on the basis of either date or mileage or both and Work Order Expiry for Rental Equipments
    MPS - Man Power System
Man Power System � MPS is a module of an ERP and a Web Application. MPS provides the facility to acquire and utilize the Skilled Man Power for different Projects mostly abroad. System provides the facility to recruit the Skilled Man Power. Apply for visa and track the visa processing. Once the Man Power is ready for mobility, they are mobilized to construction sites. Map Power is deployed on different tasks as per their skill set which is defined during their recruiting. Once the project is completed or Man Power is no more required the Man Power is Demobilized. The Visa Processing might take place multiple times between Mobilization and Demobilization.
    PICS - Procurement Inventory Control and Sales System
Procurement, Inventory Control and Sales Systems � PICS is a desktop application for controlling the inventory of chemical items both in raw and blended forms. System keeps the Editable Catalogue of Supplier, Blenders, Clients and Chemical Items. System helps the user to acquire either Raw or Blended Chemical by creating Indent, Purchase Order and Inward Gate Pass. Inventory/Stock is updated as user generates the Receiving against the Inward Gate Pass. System allows the user to create Sales Invoice against which system allows the user to create the Outward Gate Pass. Outward gate Pass is also created for issuing items as samples or for blending. Inventory/Stock is also updated when Item Issue is signed against the Outward Gate Pass.